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Romantic Chundu Experience

For our honeymoon, we wanted to go somewhere that was luxurious and didn't have huge foot traffic. Never in our lives would we have known about Royal Chundu, had it not been for our agent, who nailed it!

Arriving in Livingstone, we were greeted by the most friendliest human on the planet. His big smile filled with warmth from the moment he recognized us to our drop-off at the lodge. He laughingly braced us for an "African massage" as we drove on a small dirt road to the lodge. His energy was contagious and we felt genuinely happy to have met him.  We soon found out that all Zambians were just as gracious and humble as our new friend. We stayed at Royal Chundu for 7 nights of pure bliss. We decided to split our stay between the two lodges, starting at Chudu River Lodge and ending at Chundu Island lodge. We had completely different experiences at both the lodges despite them belonging to the same brand. From Chundu River Lodge, we did all our activities around the area, including the Victoria Falls. Because of the location, we got to hear lions roaring from the national park across the river... very exciting and amazing at how the sound carried. Our stay at Chundu Island was more relaxed as we focused on some river activities - even trying our hand at fishing... hahahahaha!!

Leaving Zambia, we headed to Cape Town where we spent the last 4 nights at a vineyard hotel, enjoying the fruits of the farmer's labour...some really delicious Cape wine. We wanted to stay within the same feel as Zambia, so chose to base ourselves at the La Residence Hotel in Franschhoek. I slept in the same bed as Richard Gere... that was something! From the hotel we explored a bit of the Cape doing some really touristy things and had great fun.

Our experience was one that we will never forget and we have fallen in love with Africa. We will definitely go back for a more “safari experience” on our next trip and are already looking into The Okavango Delta!